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Chilisleep System Cleaner
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Chilisleep System Cleaner
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World’s Leading Sleep Solutions Provider ChiliSleep™ Announces Partnership with Bubba Wallace

World’s Leading Sleep Solutions Provider ChiliSleep™ Announces Partnership with Bubba Wallace

· Oct 27, 2020
World’s Leading Sleep Solutions Provider ChiliSleep™ Announces Partnership with Bubba Wallace

CHARLOTTE, N.C. - ChiliSleep™, a revolutionary brand that innovates temperature-regulated sleep solutions engineered to enhance quality sleep, and its parent company, Kryo Inc., today announced its partnership with NASCAR driver Bubba Wallace.

ChiliSleep recognizes the effects of physical and mental stress on sleep health and how the life of a NASCAR driver, both on and off the track, can cause extreme exhaustion that contributes to that stress. The grueling training, frequent interviews and media attention, including the pursuit of racing excellence were all catalysts for this winning partnership that elevates the conversation around rest and recovery for performance athletes.

“Some of my toughest races have led me to be physically and mentally exhausted. Most of the time this was from stress and not focusing on things that are most important like eating properly, hydrating, and getting enough quality sleep,” said Wallace. “Now that I use the OOLER® by ChiliSleep, I am sleeping colder and getting much more deep sleep which has improved my recovery on and off the track.”

Navigating an unprecedented new normal in 2020, where maintaining good mental and physical health has required a change in personal habits, ChiliSleep saw an opportunity to initiate this awareness campaign with Wallace to bring sleep to the forefront since it is often left out of the health & wellness conversation.

Through 10,000 hours of sleep research and innovation development led by CEO, Co-Founder and Chief Scientist, Tara Youngblood, the ChiliSleep suite of products is carefully engineered to benefit consumers, referred to as “ChiliSleepers,” by leveraging temperature to boost deep sleep for mental and physical health restoration.

“Quality sleep is absolutely crucial to good health and we could not be more excited that the athletic community is taking notice, and recognizing the invaluable impact our technology can have on not only on high-performance athletes, but the world as a whole,” shared Youngblood. “Bubba is an amazing partner and we are thrilled to work with him to bring the sleep conversation to the forefront, helping more people understand how improved sleep can take their health and performance goals to new heights,” explained Youngblood.

In conjunction with this announcement, Kryo has reaffirmed its commitment to donate $1 million worth of products by the end of 2020. The Kryo Cares philanthropy has already dispensed over $600,000 worth of free Cubes this year to first responders, healthcare providers, active duty and military personnel, helping to enhance the sleep quality of these deserving heroes, many of whom are working on the front lines every day. The chance to help give back made this partnership a “no brainer” to Wallace.

“Once I became a ChiliSleeper, I’ve noticed a huge difference in my mental and physical recovery after races. It’s a difference I feel when I wake up more refreshed, and see, when I look at the improved sleep scores on my fitness wearable device. I don’t know how I’ve slept without the OOLER all these years,” Wallace expressed. “ChiliSleep has changed the way I sleep, and I can’t wait to help pay that forward, helping to support them in their efforts to give away $1 million in product to deserving heroes.”

Studies show that better sleep improves virtually all aspects of life including improved muscle recovery, weight loss and enhanced cognitive thinking. ChiliSleep is committed to creating innovative solutions, tools and partnerships that will positively impact lives and improve overall health through better sleep. For more information on this partnership, please visit our Bubba Wallace page.


About ChiliSleep
ChiliSleep™ is a sleep solution and technology brand focused on the future of sleep-driven health.

As the original inventors of the world’s first hydro-powered, temperature-regulated sleep system backed by 10+ years of sleep research, over a dozen patents pending and thousands of five-star reviews, ChiliSleep is revolutionizing the way the world sleeps.

ChiliSleep’s solutions are hydro-powered and temperature controlled between 55°-115°F (13°-46°C) to create a personalized sleep experience that can dramatically boost deep sleep and aid in physical and mental recovery.

ChiliSleep’s award winning sleep solutions Cube™ and OOLER® consistently outperform the competition in the cooling/warming mattress topper category. Consumer Reports recently ranked the OOLER a 5/5 and #1 overall, with the Cube coming in at #2. In 2019, Tech News World voted the OOLER “Product of the Year.”

About Kryo, Inc.

Kryo, Inc. is the world’s leading innovator of temperature-regulated sleep solutions engineered to optimize health and wellness through enhanced quality sleep and patented technology. As the parent company and makers of the revolutionary sleep technology brand ChiliSleep™, Kryo delivers a suite of products and services to a sleep deprived society seeking to restore good health and wellbeing.

Founded by Tara and Todd Youngblood, Kryo introduced its first product, the Cube, in 2007 and in 2019 was appointed Best Wellness Product for Powerful Moms in Business by Forbes.

Kryo currently ranked #615 on the 2020 Inc. 5000 list of Fastest Growing Small Companies. For more information, please visit ChiliSleep,, and


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