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Ebb® CoolDrift Versa™
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Ebb® CoolDrift Versa™
Quiet your racing mind and fall into deeper, more restorative sleep with the first, and only, drug-free sleep aid solution to use continuous and precise cooling technology to reduce metabolic activity in the frontal cortex of the brain. 30 night sleep trial included.
Chilisleep System Cleaner
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Chilisleep System Cleaner
Keep your ChiliSleep system in top shape with the ChiliSleep System Cleaner. Simply pour the solution into your Cube or OOLER every 1-3 months for optimal performance
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Couples and Sleep Temperature

Help for Couples Who Argue About Sleep Temperature

Tara Youngblood · Apr 22, 2020
Couples and Sleep Temperature

Do you have trouble sleeping at night? Are you having a difficult time finding the ideal sleep temperature? You’re not alone. A study by The Better Sleep Council found that approximately 85% of people report having problems falling asleep when it’s time for bed, women more so than men.

Common Sleep Factors

While there are a variety of sleep factors that can cause this problem including money worries, stress, problems in the workplace, etc. What if you’re sharing the bed with a significant other? Some claim that they have trouble sleeping with another individual because they are disrupted by the other’s restlessness and ideal temperature for sleep. 

If you’re having the same issue with your significant other, there are a variety of creative strategies that you can implement to make your slumber together more peaceful.

Recently, more couples are claiming to be happier with what can be commonly referred to as “sleep divorce”.

In other words, sleeping in separate beds, even separate rooms from your partner. About 30-40% of couples have tried sleeping in separate beds to make their sleep more restful. While the nickname for this phenomenon sounds more ominous than it actually is for some couples, when you’re sleeping separately, you could also be missing out on some awesome health benefits.

"63% of couples sleep most of the night separated"

Benefits of Sleeping Together

Scientists have found that sleeping with your partner could be a reason why people who are involved in close relationships tend to be healthier and live longer compared to those who are single or are not in a long-term relationship.

Studies have shown that sleeping with your partner and creating that sense of closeness and security improves your health in a variety of ways.

Sense of Security

Not only does it help reduce your cortisol levels, otherwise known as your stress hormone, it can also boost oxytocin levels, which helps ease anxiety and reduce cytokines, which can cause inflammation. Dr. Troxel, an assistant professor of psychiatry and psychology at the University of Pittsburgh, states, "the psychological benefits we get having closeness at night trump the objective costs of sleeping with a partner”.

Makes You Happier

Sleeping in the same bed as your partner makes you feel happier. Your body releases dopamine (the chemical responsible for feeling pleasure) and serotonin. The serotonin improves your mood and makes you laugh. 

Study: Couples who were sleeping together allowed them to spend longer in REM sleep, with fewer REM cycle interruptions.

So if you’re having issues falling asleep with your partner by your side, how do you make sleeping together easier? In general, try improving your personal sleep habits before bed- don’t eat huge meals close to bedtime, and shut down electronics about an hour before you fall asleep. If these are rules that you already follow to help yourself fall asleep but you are still having issues, your main problem might lie somewhere else (pun intended).

Couples and Sleep Temperature

Studies show that 43% of couples disagree on their sleep temperature, a problem with an easier solution than you might think. There is help for couples who disagree about sleep temperature. But, first, we need to look at “what is the best sleep temperature?”

What is The Ideal Sleep Temperature?

The ideal room temperature for sleep is between 60 and 68 degrees.  But, let’s say you prefer to sleep at warmer temperatures while your partner prefers to sleep cooler at night. Sure, you could spend money cranking up the air conditioning while you layer on blankets and sweatshirts until you’re comfortable. Most sleep experts agree that room temperature can play a role in sleep quality.

Or, if sleeping separately is something you want to try, you could spend more money on two beds and find the space for each person to sleep, but again, we’ve already covered the benefits of sharing your sleeping space. What some may not know is that there are products on the market that can help create an amicable sleeping environment, while also saving you money in the long run.

How to Find Comfortable Sleep Temperature?

The bottom line is that there is problem-solving to do for couples with fundamental differences in temperature preference. If it’s too hot to sleep with your partner, at ChiliSleep™, we can help!

Take a product like the OOLER mattress topper and Cube mattress pad for example, mattress pads with a heating and cooling temperature control system, operational from 55 to 115 degrees Fahrenheit.

This mattress pad comes with a dual-zone control system, so you and your partner can comfortably choose your preferred sleep temperature, without affecting the other person. This can allow you to sleep cool in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Resource: Why Do I Get So Hot When I Sleep

If you both agree on sleep temperature, the cooling bed systems also have the potential to save money. Using the same amount of energy as one light bulb, you won’t have to worry about outrageous heating or cooling bills while you try to find your perfect temperature!

We at Chilisleep feel that it’s important to invest in your rest, and with our products, we are dedicated to helping you get your best sleep yet. There’s only one thing that should keep couples up at night, and it isn’t arguing over bed temperature.

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About the Author

Tara Youngblood

Tara Youngblood

Tara Youngblood is ChiliSleep’s co-founder and CEO. An accomplished scientist, author, and speaker, Tara’s unique ideas are revolutionizing the future of sleep health by making sleep easy, approachable, and drug-free.
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