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Ebb® CoolDrift Versa™
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Ebb® CoolDrift Versa™
Quiet your racing mind and fall into deeper, more restorative sleep with the first, and only, drug-free sleep aid solution to use continuous and precise cooling technology to reduce metabolic activity in the frontal cortex of the brain. 30 night sleep trial included.
Chilisleep System Cleaner
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Chilisleep System Cleaner
Keep your ChiliSleep system in top shape with the ChiliSleep System Cleaner. Simply pour the solution into your Cube or OOLER every 1-3 months for optimal performance
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Menopause Study

Menopause Study Results: How ChiliSleep’s Products Reduce Night Sweats, Hot Flashes

Tara Youngblood · Oct 18, 2021
Menopause Study

Ensuring that women in menopause have resources to improve their sleep is a passion of mine! That’s part of what led us to be involved in a recent Wake Forest menopause study, which investigated the role between colder sleep and the worst symptoms of menopause: night sweats and hot flashes.

As part of the overall scientific study conducted by Wake Forest researchers, ChiliSleep’s cooling bed products were shown to significantly reduce the frequency of night sweats (86%) and the frequency of hot flashes (64%) compared to women in a previous study who did not have any intervention over an equivalent period of time.

ChiliSleep: Menopause Night Sweat Cure

The Wake Forest study indicates that options exist for you to improve your sleep quality! For example, ChiliSleep's bed cooling systems, the Cube™ and the OOLER®, cool as low as 55°F and have been called the menopause night sweat cure because they give users the ability to find the right temperature to improve their deep sleep and wake up rested.

Menopause usually occurs between ages 45-55. Bad sleep can not only cause a range of negative health effects, it can also lead to women feeling tired the next day, lacking energy for sports and activities, and missing out on better opportunities at work.

Menopause night sweats are worse at night due to spiking hormone levels, which can result in severe hot flashes that can leave clothes and bedding soaked. Recent estimates show that hot flashes can continue for around 5.2 years -- a lot of years to experience disrupted days and nights due to discomfort and sweating.

Menopause Study Results In Total

Women involved in the menopause study said ChiliSleep’s bedding products made significant changes to their sleep patterns and sleep ability. One participant said “Loved it! Definitely felt the benefits and reduction in symptoms the 1st week,” while another praised the cooling mattress pad for an “overall noticeable difference in the severity of night hot flashes!”

Full Menopause Study Results

  • 57% saw a decrease in severity of hot flashes
  • 60% saw a decrease in frequency of hot flashes
  • 86% saw a decrease in severity of night sweats
  • 64% saw a decrease in frequency of night sweats.

Additional Results

  • 62% of women said the mattress pad was more helpful than expected for daytime hot flashes
  • 57% of women said the mattress pad was more helpful than expected for nighttime hot flashes.

What is World Menopause Day?

World Menopause Day is held every year on the 18th of October. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness of menopause and the support options available for improving health and wellbeing. Since 2009, the International Menopause Society, in collaboration with the World Health Organization, has worked to raise awareness of menopause in society.

Events like World Menopause Day -- and scientific clinical studies -- are helping to raise awareness on therapeutic interventions for women dealing with menopause symptoms. But even more studies might help women during the earliest phases of menopause, when they’re just beginning to transition through menopause.

In addition, healthy lifestyle changes -- including better sleep quality and good “sleep hygiene” habits -- are critical to maintaining your wellness during the menopause transition.

As you can see, the Wake Forest University study resulted in overall cooler temperatures and cooling sleep. Through its innovative sleep technology products -- the OOLER, the Cube, and the 15-pound weighted cooling blanket, the chiliBLANKET -- happy ChiliSleepers enjoy better sleep, improved wellness, and a better quality of life!

Other Sleep-Related Scientific Studies

About the Author

Tara Youngblood

Tara Youngblood

Tara Youngblood is ChiliSleep’s co-founder and CEO. An accomplished scientist, author, and speaker, Tara’s unique ideas are revolutionizing the future of sleep health by making sleep easy, approachable, and drug-free.
Learn more about Tara.

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