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chiliPAD System Cleaning Solution
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chiliPAD System Cleaning Solution
1 Pack$7.99
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Chili Parts And Accessories

Need to grab some chiliPAD cleaning solution or upgrade your OOLER hydronic pad? Simply select your option below.

Chili Parts And Accessories

chiliPAD Half-Queen Certified Refurbished Set

Sleep well, pay less with a refurbished chiliPAD Half-Queen Certified Refurbished Set. Each chiliPAD Certified Refurbished Set includes a brand new half-queen Chili Cool Mesh™ Pad, a certified refurbished control unit, and remote. Products will have minimal to no signs of wear, no visible cosmetic imperfections when held 12 inches away, and will arrive in a brown or white box with relevant accessories. Size: Currently only available in the Single (75" L x 30" W) or half a Queen size. Sleep with a partner? Buy one for each side of the bed!
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chiliPAD System Cleaning Solution

Keep your chiliPAD in top shape with the chiliPAD System Cleaner! The chiliPAD System Cleaner contains a special mix of essential antimicrobial ingredients. Simply pour the solution into your Cube every 1-3 months for optimal chiliPAD performance.  0% Bleach  |  Not Suitable for Children or Pets
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chiliPAD Control Unit Only

The control unit is the cube that powers the chiliPAD system.  Each control unit comes complete with a power cord and remote control. A pad is not included with this unit. It is meant as a replacement for your existing chiliPAD control unit. The chiliPAD control unit will not function w/o a hydronic pad.  
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chiliPAD Refurbished Control Unit Only

This is a refurbished (quality control tested) control unit that powers the chiliPAD system.  Each control unit comes complete with a power cord and remote control. A pad is not included with this unit. It is meant as a replacement for your existing chiliPAD control unit. The refurbished chiliPAD control unit will not function w/o a hydronic pad.  
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Chili Cool Mesh™ Pad Replacement

Cooling and Heating Mattress Replacement Cool Mesh™ Pad for Single or Dual Temperature chiliPAD Zones.
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chiliPAD Refurbished Remote Control

The remote allows you to adjust the temperature of the chiliPAD from the lowest (coldest) setting up to highest (warmest) setting. This remote is for Control Units with serial numbers that start with the number 17 and greater.
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OOLER Control Unit Only

This is a new control unit that powers the OOLER system.  Each control unit comes complete with power cord. A hydronic pad is not included with this unit. It is meant as a brand new replacement for your existing OOLER Control Unit. The OOLER cube will not function w/o a hydronic pad.
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3ft Extension Tube

The 3ft extension tube is to be used in conjunction with OOLER or chiliPAD control units. The additional 3ft tube provides users with increased separation from the control unit to the pad. It can assist users who need more length to store their control units comfortably.
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chiliPILLOW™ Basic with Infused Charcoal (US Customers Only)

This charcoal infused ventilated foam pillow brings you the pressure point relief of memory foam combined with the odor and moisture control of bamboo charcoal. Ventilation holes throughout the memory foam help improve air flow; keeping the pillow cool. 
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chiliPAD 2.0 Connector

The 2.0 Connector is for customers who already have chiliPAD 1.0 systems and have purchased a new 2.0 Cube. This connector is used to modify the existing the existing PAD.
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Drain Tool

Device tool used to drain the water from the control unit and also from the Hydronic Pad. chiliPAD is a Kryo product innovation.
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Control Unit Power Cord

6' foot grounded power cord for Standard North American Markets. This power cord works for both chiliPAD and OOLER control units.
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The Total Sleep Package

Because you shouldn’t have to choose

chiliPAD and OOLER Bundles
Avoid the indecision and save big when you pair your favorite ChiliSleep products.
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