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The Total Sleep Package

Because you shouldn't have to choose.

Avoid the indecision and save big when you pair your favorite ChiliSleep products.

OOLER® Sleep System + chiliBLANKET™

Combine our most advanced control unit with the stress-relieving power of ChiliSleep's cozy weighted blanket.


chiliPAD® Sleep System + chiliBLANKET™

When powerful, remote-controlled temperature meets weighted blanket comfort, magic happens.

"With great features such as dual side control, auto-cleaning with UV light, and the warm awake feature to replace an alarm clock, this luxury pick is worth the investment."
"When it comes to sleep quality, light often grabs the headlines. Recently however, temperature has been shown to play as great (or even greater) of a role in regulating sleep."
"Using an adjustable, water-based system, the mattress topper lets you adjust your side of the bed to your desired temperature — great if one partner runs hot at night and the other runs cold."
"Together the components allow you to cool or heat your bed using water … that flows through the channels in the pad delivering consistent and active thermal control.”
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