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chiliPAD System Cleaning Solution
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chiliPAD System Cleaning Solution
1 Pack$7.99
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Kryo Cares

In 2020, we were able to provide nearly $1M in product to first responders and healthcare professionals in need of a great night's sleep

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chiliPad and OOLER chiliBLANKET Bundles

We can't thank you enough

We received thousands of your personal stories and were overwhelmed by your selflessness in the face of this devastating pandemic.

We are overcome with emotion as we learn of your triumphs, your difficult moments, and the pride you take in your work.

It’s not easy and it’s ever-changing, but you continue to show up and for that, we could never say ‘Thank You’ enough.

chiliPad and OOLER chiliBLANKET Bundles

A good night's sleep for those who need it most

Although we weren’t able to send a unit to every applicant, we were able to contribute nearly $1 million worth of ChiliSleep products to healthcare heroes and first-responders nationwide.

chiliPad and OOLER chiliBLANKET Bundles

Kryo Cares 365

While this initiative was temporary, our giving efforts continue year-round through various charities and initiatives including work with veterans, those suffering from chronic illnesses, and more.

We invite you to subscribe to our email newsletter to stay connected and be notified when a new initiative is launched.

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