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Ebb® CoolDrift Versa™
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Ebb® CoolDrift Versa™
A sleep aid solution using continuous and precise cooling technology to reduce metabolic activity in the frontal cortex of the brain.
Chilisleep System Cleaner
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Chilisleep System Cleaner
Keep your ChiliSleep system in top shape with the ChiliSleep System Cleaner. Use it every 1-3 months for optimal performance.
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Why Cool Sleep provides Better Sleep

Scientifically Proven, Cool Sleep Rules

The need for rest is primitive

What the cavemen knew

The pattern of going to sleep when it is dark and cold and waking to the warmth of the day created an instinctual sleep switch in humans that still operates today.

Cooler sleep leads to better sleep

The science is clear. Here’s why:

When we lower our core temperature, it signals our brain it’s time to sleep. Cooler temperatures raise melatonin levels naturally, allowing a person to drift off more easily. Sleeping cooler also helps a person to achieve deeper, better sleep, and waking with a more restorative feeling.

You can sleep cool and comfortable

Our Sleep Pads work using all your existing bedding!

  • You can keep your comfy mattress, your soft sheets and all your pillow preferences!
  • Chilisleep products help you to sleep cooler all night long at a precise temperature to achieve the deep sleep you need to feel rested and restored.
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